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For a number of years this was the portal for the Porsche family of websites deicated to bringing its visitors the latest in all things about Porsche.
The content from below is from the website's 2009 archived pages.

About Us

The Purely Porsche family of web sites (including www.porschearchive.com,www.porschefile.com, www.porschefile.co.uk, www.porschepictures.net,www.porschemotorsport.net, www.porschereplicas.com and www.porscherepairs.net together with our global family of Porsche Clubs:www.porscheclubuk.com, www.porscheclubus.com, www.porscheclubaustralia.com, and www.porscheclubgermany.com) are owned and managed by Stuttgart File Ltd, a company registered in England number 6461657).

The registered office of Stuttgart File Ltd is Little Mede, Blundel Lane, Stoke d'Abernon, KT11 2SF; communications for the company should be sent to info@purelyporsche.com.

Stuttgart File Ltd is not associated with Porsche Automobil Holdings SE, Dr. Ing.h.c.F.Porsche AG, or any geographical distributor or importer. Words or graphics that resemble the Porsche name or organisation or the ‘Stuttgart Shield’ are registered trademarks of Porsche Automobil Holdings SE and Dr. Ing.h.c.F. Porsche AG.

Puzzled by a Porsche option or colour code?

This part of the Purely Porsche family will help you track down any elusive code related to Porsche cars: Options, Colours (exterior, interior, carpets, hoods etc), Countries, Type Numbers and Serial number ranges

How can I check an Option or other code?

If you just wish to browse this site, please select a link on the left. To navigate to our other sites, click a link on the right.

If you would like to become part of our global Porsche community click here to register - enter your email address and a password and you are immediately enrolled (we will never share your personal details with any third parties).

What we also offer...

Each PorscheFile section will take you to listings of suppliers of resources, parts or services; the entries have been compiled by our team of dedicated researchers so represent the best source for all your Porsche needs. PorscheFile includes an A to Z guide to help track down any elusive resources or services

PorscheArchive offers a detailed specification, overview, driving impressions and photographs of every road-going Porsche car.

Have we missed something?

We aim to provide the most complete resource for Porsche codes, options, type numbers and other data - if you think we have missed something or you spot an error or omission, please click Contact Us where you can send us new or updated information.


Why should I join?

Joining will give you unlimited access to accurate vehicle model details, our carefully researched resource guides, picture libraries and other sites; you will receive our quarterly on-line magazine featuring stories and pictures about Porsches.

Will you send me loads of spam?

No, we will not send you any spam and we will never disclose your contact details to others; we will send you only our quarterly on-line magazine packed with features and pictures of Porsches. Our full Privacy Statement can be read in our Terms section.

How much does it cost?

Membership of each of the Purely Porsche family of clubs is, and always will be, free of charge.

I'm already a member of my local club so why join this one?

The Purely Porsche family of clubs exists on-line and uses the power of the Internet to provide information and share Porsche stories with enthusiasts – we do not replace the opportunity to meet with fellow owners

Why do you not have a Forum?

Two reasons: firstly, there are plenty of very good and well run Porsche-related forums already on-line; secondly: Purely Porsche has a focus on accuracy and completeness of information and this is difficult to provide in a Forum or Wiki environment.

I have spotted a mistake in one of your vehicle pages; what should I do?

Please email the details to info@purelyporsche.com – we will verify your corrections and then update the relevant page(s); if we cannot verify what you tell us we will contact you for more information

Which of your clubs should I join?

Membership benefits are the same for all members but our system will direct you to the resource lists most relevant to the region you sign up for – you can browse the other resource information anytime you wish

Do traders pay to be listed?

No, our resource listings are compiled by our team of dedicated enthusiasts who aim to find every trader dealing with Porsches in every one of our categories

I am a trader dealing with Porsches but not listed; how do I get on your list?

Simply email your details to info@purelyporsche.com

I use a local dealer or trader who is not listed; can you add him?

Yes, simply email the details to info@purelyporsche.com

I can't find the resource that I am looking for; is there a guide?

Yes, you can check out our A-Z guide which provides a comprehensive cross-reference to resource entries

I used one of the dealers you list and was disappointed; how do I complain?

We cannot be responsible for the quality of the work of any of our listed traders and you must use the normal channels to complain; you might find others with similar experiences on one of the many forums available. We guarantee that our vehicle information on www.porschearchive.com is accurate but for resources we can only promise a comprehensive listing – if one of our listed resources no longer deals with Porsches then please let us know.

Every time I switch between your sites I have to login again, why?

The Purely Porsche family of web sites is designed to operate with a single registration and single login; for this to work you must enable cookies in your browser.

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More Background On PorscheMag.com & The Family Of Porche Magazines To Which It Belonged

Exploring the world of Porsche through magazines offers enthusiasts a deep dive into the brand's rich history, innovations, and community. There are several key publications that stand out for their dedication to covering all things Porsche, providing valuable resources, insights, and entertainment for fans and owners alike.

Excellence: The Magazine About Porsche is a publication that caters to both Porsche owners and aficionados. It covers a wide range of topics including road tests, classics, modified Porsches, technical information, motorsports, and notable aspects of the Porsche world. In addition to feature articles, it offers resources such as buyer's guides, performance driving guides, technical notes, and a directory of Porsche models and specifications. The magazine also features a marketplace for Porsches for sale and provides subscriber services like back issue access and subscription management. This comprehensive approach makes Excellence a one-stop resource for everything Porsche​​.

FLATSIXES.com provides an overview of Porsche magazines that cater to diverse interests within the Porsche community. One notable mention is 000 Magazine, a premium quarterly journal that explores Porsche's heritage and its impact on automotive culture, with beautifully curated stories and in-depth analysis. Christophorus stands out as Porsche's official magazine, offering insights directly from the manufacturer, including the latest developments and behind-the-scenes stories. For those interested in the iconic 911 model, Total 911 Magazine focuses exclusively on celebrating this model in all its forms, from classic iterations to the latest high-tech marvels. Other magazines such as 911 & Porsche World offer technical reviews, owner experiences, and coverage of the broader Porsche lifestyle, including racing, clubs, and events​​.

For Porsche Club of America (PCA) members, Panorama Magazine is a key publication that offers comprehensive coverage of all things Porsche, including road tests, new model news, historical articles, restoration guides, and free classified ads for members. This magazine serves as a vital link to the PCA community, providing technical information, event coverage, and stories that celebrate the Porsche lifestyle​​.

Each of these magazines offers a unique lens through which Porsche enthusiasts can explore their passion for the brand, whether it's through the lens of history, technical innovation, motorsport, or the sheer joy of ownership. They provide a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Porsche and connect with a community that shares their enthusiasm.


In the realm of Porsche-centric magazines, a few names stand out due to their popularity and the depth of coverage they offer to enthusiasts of the iconic car brand.

911 & Porsche World Magazine is heralded as the world's best-selling monthly Porsche magazine. Since its inception in 1990, it has gained a formidable reputation as the most popular Porsche publication globally. The magazine's content, created by a dedicated team of Porsche owners and enthusiasts, spans comprehensive coverage of all Porsche models throughout the manufacturer's history. It features star cars, practical guides, exclusive interviews, news coverage, project cars, buying guides, reader stories, motorsport reports, and much more. Its appeal lies in its expert driving impressions, superb photography, and the latest news and views from the Porsche world​​.

Christophorus Magazine represents Porsche's official voice, offering customers and fans alike a blend of fascinating background stories, exclusive interviews, and insights into Porsche's heritage and future directions. The publication acts as a direct line from the manufacturer to its global audience, presenting rich content that celebrates the Porsche lifestyle and achievements in motorsport and innovation​​.

000 Magazine differentiates itself as a premium quarterly journal that delves deeply into Porsche's culture, history, and technological advancements. It is known for its high-quality, in-depth feature stories, beautiful presentation, and the exploration of Porsche from its origins to the present. This magazine promises a unique reading experience with its carefully curated content, extensive articles, and thought-provoking departments, aiming to be a collectible and reference-worthy publication for Porsche enthusiasts​​.

Each of these publications offers a unique perspective on the Porsche brand, catering to different aspects of the enthusiast community. Whether it's the comprehensive model coverage of 911 & Porsche World, the insider insights of Christophorus, or the premium, in-depth explorations of 000 Magazine, there's something for every Porsche fan.


The audience for Porsche magazines, specifically for 911 & Porsche World, spans a broad spectrum of Porsche enthusiasts and owners. While direct demographics for 911 & Porsche World readership aren't publicly available, insights from related Porsche communities and overall brand ownership statistics offer a glimpse into the likely makeup of its audience.

Porsche's clientele typically skews towards an older demographic, with the average Porsche owner being between 46 to 65 years old. A significant portion of Porsche enthusiasts likely falls into this age range, given the brand's appeal to individuals with a higher disposable income and a long-standing appreciation for the marque's heritage and performance. The estimated annual income of Porsche 911 owners, for example, often exceeds $100k to $150k, indicating a well-off reader base that aligns with the luxury nature of the brand. Additionally, while historically male-dominated, the Porsche community is seeing an increasing number of female enthusiasts, particularly with the introduction of more varied models like SUVs and sedans. This shift is slowly diversifying the brand's appeal beyond its traditional base​​.

The Porsche Club of America's Panorama magazine provides another perspective, with membership (and by extension, readership) requiring ownership of at least one Porsche. This criteria suggests that the audience for Porsche-themed publications is highly engaged and invested in the brand, owning one or more vehicles and likely participating in events or communities surrounding their passion for Porsche. The income data for Panorama subscribers, where 88% have household incomes over $100,000, mirrors the broader trends observed among Porsche owners, emphasizing an affluent reader base​​.

911 & Porsche World, as detailed by Kelsey Media, aims to cover an extensive range of topics from classic models to the latest innovations, suggesting that its audience is diverse in interests but united by a deep appreciation for Porsche. The magazine's long-standing reputation since its first publication in 1990 as a premier Porsche publication further underscores its appeal to a dedicated and enthusiastic audience​​.

These insights paint a picture of 911 & Porsche World's audience as affluent, predominantly middle-aged, and deeply passionate about all things Porsche, from its storied classics to the newest models gracing the streets and racetracks around the world.

Known For

"911 & Porsche World" magazine is renowned as the premier monthly publication for Porsche enthusiasts, offering the most comprehensive coverage of all Porsche models from its illustrious history. Established in 1990, it's recognized as the world's first and best-selling independent Porsche magazine, celebrated for its in-depth articles on everything from the iconic 356 and every generation of 911 to the transaxle family, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera. It features exclusive interviews, maintenance guides, project cars, buying guides, and motorsport reports​​.


Launched in 1990, "911 & Porsche World" quickly established itself as the premier independent monthly publication dedicated to Porsche enthusiasts. It has built an enviable reputation for its exhaustive coverage of Porsche's vast model history, from classic to contemporary. Celebrated for engaging content that includes everything from in-depth model explorations and interviews with industry insiders to maintenance tips and motorsport insights, it caters to a diverse audience of Porsche owners and fans worldwide​​.

PorscheMag.com was known as a comprehensive resource for Porsche enthusiasts, offering a wide range of content including news, reviews, and insights into the Porsche community. It aimed to serve Porsche fans with the latest information and stories from around the world, celebrating the brand's heritage and innovation in the automotive industry.

Cultural & Social Significance

The cultural and social significance of "911 & Porsche World" magazine lies in its role as a central hub for Porsche enthusiasts worldwide, fostering a sense of community among owners and fans of the brand. By providing comprehensive coverage of Porsche's history, innovations, and lifestyle, it not only celebrates the legacy of Porsche cars but also contributes to the brand's prestige and the lifestyle associated with owning a Porsche. Through its detailed articles, the magazine helps maintain the enthusiasm for Porsche's engineering excellence and design, reinforcing the brand's iconic status in automotive culture.